The 600mm tethered slab that made up the substrate posed several challenges to the application of a waterproof coating. Due to the ingress of seawater, it was impossible to achieve a dry substrate upon which to apply the epoxy floor finish that had originally been specified. To address this challenge, the Flexcrete (now the Intercrete product range) offered the Cemprotec E-Floor system (now Intercrete 4851). This waterproof coating can be applied even to damp surfaces, with equivalent properties to an additional 1000mm of concrete.

Speed of application was critical, given the timeframe of the project. The surface was also required to be easy to clean and maintain, as well as hard-wearing when subject to heavy traffic. Non-caustic Fastfill WP (Intercrete 4809) was used to seal the cracks exhibiting water infiltration under pressure, and the application was finished with a polyurethane topcoat, to provide an easy clean finish and enhance the longevity of the skid-resistant finish.

The result is an exceptionally hard-wearing waterproof floor that can be cleaned and maintained without difficulty, satisfying the owners’ expectations. 20 years later the owners are satisfied that the coating will continue to provide protection for the remainder of the concrete’s 75-year lifespan.

Location of Project: Chek Lap Kok Island, Hong Kong
箴ducts/System Used: Cemprotec E-Floor (now Intercrete 4851), Fastfill WP (now Intercrete 4809)
箴ject Size: 45,000m2floor area
箴ject Contractor: Astel

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